CloneMagic is Back

Clone Magic

Old-school Seraphim member EZ talks about his newly launched project called CloneMagic — a new way to play Magic: The Gathering.

Alphi’s Mad-House – The Current State of Modern


Alphi shares his thought on the current state of Modern along with some crazy, brand-new brews that topped the Dailies.

Standard Tournament (SWE 106)


It’s time to battle in our first Standard clan tournament with the new Return to Ravnica set!

League Round 3.5 – Tribal


For this month’s league Scootmin presents his special concoction of tribes. If you aren’t scared enough already of Horrors, Wizards, Beasts, and many more, give it a shot and sign up for our clan league.

Monday’s a Modern Game Day!

Steppe Lynx

Play a few games of Modern against other clanies on Monday and win cool prizes! The best is, whether you win or lose doesn’t matter. How does that sound for a fabulous Modern Game Day orgy?

League Round 3.4 – EX/ST/PR

Mind Unbound

In Exodus, Stronghold, and Prophecy we’ve found just the right combination of sets to make for a fun, powerful month of league play. Register now!

Pauper Standard Tournament (SWE 105)

Sanctuary Cat

We’re trying out the brand-new Magic Online format Pauper Standard. Prepare your commons for this epic clan battle. Who will come out on top in our first Pauper Standard event?