Alphi’s Mad-House – The Current State of Modern


Alphi shares his thought on the current state of Modern along with some crazy, brand-new brews that topped the Dailies.

Channel Seraphim | SoM Draft #3


Eldritch_Song drafts and discusses his picks for Channel Seraphim: SoM Draft #3.

Merk’s Manual – Back to Mirrodin

Part One of a special two-part Merk’s Manual. Seraphim Member Merkos discusses his latest findings from Scars of Mirrodin!

Merk’s Manual – Seeing into the Future

This week, Seraphim Clan member Merkos talks about how to gear up for a set rotation, and how to come out ahead.

Merk’s Manual – Sins of the Past

This week Seraphim member Merkos takes a break from deckbuilding tips to share memories of his first major tournament win.

Merk’s Manual – Bridging the Gap

In this week’s excerpt from the manual, Merkos discusses some of the fundamentals in taking your game from casual to tournament level.

Merk’s Manual – Introducing Originality

In his debut article (and the first article published on this site), experienced Seraphim member Merkos addresses the art of deckbuilding, and how building your own deck can be more rewarding. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!