CloneMagic is Back

Clone Magic

Old-school Seraphim member EZ talks about his newly launched project called CloneMagic — a new way to play Magic: The Gathering.

Alphi’s Mad-House – The Current State of Modern


Alphi shares his thought on the current state of Modern along with some crazy, brand-new brews that topped the Dailies.

Commander Tournament (SWE 103)

Jhoira of the Ghitu

After a long while the Commander format plays a part again in the Seraphim Weekly Event line-up. Whose commander will come out on top? Yours?

Channel LMC – M13 Draft #1

Diabolic Revelation

Piloting the new Magic Online client, Leonard shares his thoughts while playing an M13 prerelease draft.

Channel LMC – Cube Draft #1

Ajani, Caller of the Pride

Cube drafts are finally back on Magic Online, so Leonard takes the opportunity to draft a 4-3-2-2 taking the all-new Magic client for a test spin.

Channel LMC – Modern Daily #2

Serra Avenger

Grand Prix Yokohama has shaken up the Modern meta-game quite a bit. Watch Leonard taking on the new decks with his latest Boros homebrew in a Modern Daily event.

Channel Morguloth – Cube Draft #1

Sundial of the Infinite

Watch Morguloth battle it out in Seraphim’s own Cube Draft.